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For Vendors who would like to attend our event please contact:

Jimmy Cass, Director of Exhibits and Concessions for the Firefighters’ Fair at 772-532-5049 or e-mail vendors@firefightersfair.org

Vendor / Exhibitor Information

The Firefighters’ Indian River County Fair will celebrate its 45th annual edition next year, dates TBD. Each year more and more people from Indian River as well as surrounding counties attend our family fun filled event. The Firefighters’ Fair is a short distance from three neighboring Fairs like St. Lucie, Martin and Okeechobee counties. Our location and fair dates provide an excellent opportunity for fair vendors to stop on their route through Florida. The process of booking our commercial concessionaires as well as vendor space has changed. We have a great following of concessionaires who have been with us for over 20 years and we will continue to support their products and not double or triple book. HOWEVER, we will review any material sent to us and decide if it fits in our program and this community event. Please review the following information and learn how to submit an application and become part of the family.

1. Firefighters’ Indian River County Fair,
2. Indian River County Fair Association, Inc.,
3. Vero Beach Firefighters Association, Inc.,
4. Indian River County Firefighters & Paramedics Local 2201,
5. Indian River County Board of Commissioners.

If you do not have a current insurance certificate, you may purchase one through Specialty Insurance Agency. If you use a tent or canopy as cover for out-of-doors, you are required to provide anchors at each post corner. These shall be stakes driven into the earth a minimum of 24” or least 40 Lbs. of weight at each post. This should cover most windstorm needs during the event.

Inside Vendor/Exhibitor Space

The inside commercial space is ideal for arts and crafts sales, novelty sales, promotions, cooking shows, and any vendors or exhibitors who require an enclosed area. The inside space is air conditioned, has public restroom facilities and the firefighters’ fair office is located here as well. All inside space is 10 ft. X 10 ft. We furnish each space with an 8 ft. high curtain backdrop and 3 ft. high side curtains. A single 110 volt electrical connection will be furnished per space only if you request it early. No water bibs are available inside the facility. Tables and/or chairs are available, for inside use if needed. Inside space is sold at a $500 minimum for the 1st 10’ x 10’ and $750 for a 10’ x 20’.

Outside Food Concession/Vendor/Exhibitor Space

The Firefighters’ Fair prides itself on the wide selection of food it offers Fair patrons. Every year the food concession area grows with bigger trailers and different food products. Outside concession space is sold by Front Footage at $700 with a 10’ minimum and $50 per additional foot length. We do not charge for depth footage if you are placed on a side area of the concourse as long as it does not exceed 35 feet. Food concessionaires will be provided with a 110 electrical hook up or up to 100 amps. However, we try our best to accommodate concessionaires with any additional electrical requirements over their 100 amp service. ($1 per additional amperage charge) The outside concession space is loaded with a variety of attractions on both sides of the concourse. With various stage shows near the front gate, the midway rides, an entertainment stage with performances and the livestock barn areas are all ideal for any business looking for advertising, straight sales, and of course, space for food concessions. Please feel free to contact Jimmy Cass, Director of Exhibits and Concessions for the Firefighters’ Fair at 772-532-5049 or e-mail jcassfairvendor@yahoo.com

Please contact Strates Shows at 407-855-4330 to find out more on their concessionaire pricing and availability during our event or over their entire season.


In order to maintain the orderly movement of crowds on the fairgrounds and for public safety and convenience, all persons, groups or businesses, whether it is for a nonprofit, charitable or commercial enterprise, are prohibited from selling, exhibiting, or distributing written material on the fairgrounds, or soliciting funds or signatures, except from a duly licensed location on the fairgrounds.

A licensed location is obtained by applying for a booth on the fairgrounds with Fair Management. Given the limited number of booths available, booth space is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The Fair Manager shall be responsible for the enforcement of this rule.

SOLICITING: "NO" roving solicitation will be allowed anywhere on the fairgrounds. NO vendors and exhibitors whether charitable, commercial or non-profit are allowed to roam the grounds. Exhibitors must remain at their designated booth space.
Fair Management



The demand for travel trailer parking has increased tremendously. In order to serve participants to the fullest, we have been forced to update our trailer park rules.


  • You must complete an application on arrival to have a hook-up space as your camper POWER WILL NOT BE TURNED ON until full payment is made and parking only in the space assigned to you.
  • Each camper will be provided with a permit, which will indicate your assigned camp space, & arrival date. This will serve as identification and must be displayed on the front window or door of your camper at all times.
  • The charge for campground (occupied living space) is $30.00 per day for Recreational Vehicles and $40.00 per day for Bunk Houses. This includes water, electricity and dump station provisions. Standard electrical hook-up is: 1-50 amp, 1-30 amp or 1-20amp service. Stock truck charges are $50.00 flat rate.
  • No persons shall enter or remain on the grounds during the fairs operating hours with any pets even if under proper leash. ONLY Handicapped Assisted (leashed) animals are allowed on county property. Caged pets or those that are part of an exhibit or display may be kept. You may walk your leashed pet around the grounds before & after operating hours.
  • Campfires on the open ground are prohibited. Fires in an approved container or grills are allowed. We would appreciate your helping us keep our facilities clean. Please use trash dumpster receptacles that are placed around the area.
  • NO Gray or Black water will be released on the ground. This applies to camping facilities and concession stands. Gray water must be contained in a holding basin and drained into a provided sanitary sewer. Grey water hoses (garden) must be placed into "T" style sanitary inlet. If you do not have this connection, one maybe used with a deposit of $100.00. This deposit is returned when you return it. Mobile campers, if not located in a campground space will be provided a pump out service every three days from a Bob-Tail truck.
  • Any camper that does not abide by these rules will be asked to vacate the campgrounds without a refund. The County Health Department spot checks the grounds and will issue fines to violators.
  • Please comply with our checkout time. Should you need to stay later than the allowed date, permission must be obtained from the County Parks Director at 772-589-9223. Your power will be shut off without exception by 12 noon per campground policy.
    Should you NOT AGREE to these terms, please feel free to contact one of the other three camping facility parks in the area.

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