Ride Safety Tips

The following are tips for Parents accompanying their children to the Firefighters’ Indian River County Fair.

Dress your children in comfortable, light clothing without dangling pieces (i.e. straps, scarves or long necklaces) also dress them in closed-toed shoes or sneakers, NOT flip-flops.

Designate an “IN CASE” place
Is patrolling the midway as well.When you arrive at the fair or any carnival midway, designate a place to meet immediately if anyone is separated from your party. Also point out to your child who the fair staff or carnival employees are in case they are lost and need help locating you. At our fair, local law enforcement (Indian River County Sheriff’s Department)

RideSafetyTipsObey signs and ride operator instructions
Always follow the signs posted at the carnival midway; note minimum height, age, weight or health restrictions. NEVER sneak a child onto rides they are too small for.

Allow your child to watch the procedure for loading and unloading of the ride
Watch with your child how the ride is loaded and unloaded and explain to your child what is happening.

Do not force a child to ride
If your child is scared do not force him/her to get on the ride. This will make the child panic. When children are scared they want to “escape” what they are scared of; this may lead them to “get off the ride” while it is still moving.

Before loading the ride
Explain to your child the appropriate way to sit in the ride (i.e. keep head facing forward, keep both hands on the restraint bar or handles, keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times). Enforce the importance of staying seated and never removing his/her seat restraints. Show your child where the Exit is so they are familiar with the area where they will meet you. Again, follow all instructions given to you by the ride operator.

When the ride finishes
Remind your child to stay seated until a ride operator has removed the seat restraints and Exit at the appropriate place.

Remember, the Firefighters Fair, the Outdoor Amusement Business Association as well as James E. Strates Shows® take your family’s Safety and Fun serious.

When deciding if a ride is safe for your child, always base the decision on what you know about your child--not what the ride operator or other parents say or do. As a parent, you know your child’s limitations.

Thanks, and enjoy the Fair.